A Spiritual Counselor meets the metaphysical and emotional needs of her client within the disciplines of psychology but also within the confines of metaphysics. As such, a Spiritual Counselor would have a belief in a higher power as a means to help people face issues, acknowledge them and allow for healing to occur. As we move through life, we find there may always be something to heal, learn from and move past.

Spiritual Counselors can cater to a wide variety of religious experiences.  Some may exist within the spirituality of Christianity, while others may hold firm to the teachings of Hinduism or other Eastern religions, and some Spiritual Counselors may be attached to no particular religion and merely counsel within the area of general spirituality.  In this way, Spiritual Counselors can provide a professional service that accepts metaphysical realities and utilizes these realities in a confidential counseling setting.

Spiritual Counseling is not psychological counseling. Rather, it’s an internal process that helps you to remember the truth that God/Spirit/the Universe is always with you as your “internal source” of all good. As with other kinds of counseling, Spiritual Counseling affords you the opportunity to talk in confidence with someone who will hear you fully, without exercising any form of personal judgement. Simply by being allowed to tell your “story” in your own words, you’ll begin to feel relief and comfort.

Spiritual Counseling can help people cope with a wide range of disorders and challenges. Research suggests that positive outcomes have been seen in people with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Spiritual Counseling can also help people in coping with schizophrenia, medical conditions, and grief. Finally, Spiritual Counseling can help with substance use and addiction. The famous 12-step (or AA) program for treating alcoholism and other addictions is centered upon religious principles.

Beyond specific disorders, Spiritual Counseling can help to promote personal growth. It may be useful if you feel that you have become spiritually disconnected or if you’re unsure about the role that you want religion to play in your life.

Depending on your needs, your Spiritual Counseling session may include Reiki, Crystal Healing, or Chakra Balancing. As an empath and intuitive energy reader, Teresa can ascertain the best healing modalities for you if you are uncertain how to proceed for your own healing, growth and evolution.

As our world is constantly changing, people seek solace and have questions that require deeper explanations for suffering, pain and death.  In this regard, the metaphysical sciences can supply answers to the existential questions of humanity.

Teresa is a Certified Spiritual Counselor through the American Institute of Health Care Professionals. She will hold space for you to share your story in a comfortable, non-threatening, non-judgmental environment. All sessions are held in the strictest confidence. You will be seen and heard with love and compassion.

Spiritual Counseling – One Hour Session $75

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Spiritual Counseling ~ 90 minute session $95

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