What Our Clients Have To Say

Haley L.

Juneau, WI

Nicole D.

Horicon, WI

Tania C.

Madison, WI

“Teresa creates a loving and sacred space for deep healing to unfold. I always feel supported by her loving energy, intuitive insights and her genuine care and concern for me. She is an absolute joy and blessing in my life, and I am grateful to know her. ”

Deanna P.

Beaver Dam, WI

“Love this place! I could not be more thrilled that this place is here.
I got a Reiki and Spiritual Counseling session with Teresa when she had a shop in Madison 5 or so years ago. “

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Jennifer H.

Madison, WI

“I started learning about energy work in 2013 via various teachers and mentors.  A friend had recommended Teresa’s services.  I started Reiki and spiritual counseling with Teresa to work through a transitional time in my life. ”

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Sue C.

Madison, WI

“My experience working with Teresa, Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki® are both exquisitely peaceful and energetically healing. She offers her expertise in many modalities. Teresa’s Reiki energy is beneficial in my life by releasing stuck emotions and instills a balanced sense of well-being. Teresa’s voice totally relaxes me, making me secure during our sessions. Thanks to Teresa I now can handle challenges with confidence.”

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Dan L.

Madison, WI

“The EMF Balancing Technique® sessions with Teresa have been amazing! Each session had subtle differences, but all have been very good for releasing old energy that by body no longer needed to hold onto. At the end of every session I felt very relaxed and grounded. Having been through four sessions over a three month period, I can say my energy is much more balanced.”

Sarah H.

Marshall, WI

“Teresa’s Level I Reiki class was a beautiful experience in such a warm, welcoming and loving environment. I feel confident in the attunement I received and in the flow of Reiki energy. In my experience I felt a subtle shift, like a breeze causing me to adjust my life’s path. Now the road is more beautiful, I feel empowered, and I feel much more in tune with my mind, body and spirit. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tool.”

Jamie H.

Madison, WI

“Teresa is a warm and loving person who can help you get grounded and simultaneously uplifted as she works her magic on you and helps connect you to your guardians and angels! I highly recommend you schedule with her and see the amazing shifts begin to happen in your life!”

Kristie K.

Madison, WI

“I encourage my friends to seek out a Reiki session with Teresa Martens in her beautiful new shop. Reiki is a wonderful opportunity for healing. Her vision and insights amaze me. Today’s energy included lots of butterflies (which have occupied my thoughts quite a bit lately). ?

Judith M.

Green Bay, WI

“I highly recommend Teresa at Tender Spirit Reiki. Teresa is an intuitive and compassionate practitioner. She has a unique ability to know which type of session will serve me in the moment, and the skills to provide many different healing modalities. “

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Claire H.

Verona, WI 

“Relaxation. Inspiration. Divine Guidance. This is what you’ll experience with Teresa and Tender Spirit Reiki. I’ve been seeing Teresa for several years now for Reiki, Access Bars, angel card readings, and spiritual counseling and have also taken her Reiki classes. Her knowledge, wisdom, and kind heart keep me coming back. If you are searching for holistic healing and spiritual growth, Tender Spirit Reiki is the place for you.”

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